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Welcome to Half-life Red Alert expantion site!

ENG english version of the HLRA site
RUS russian version of the HLRA project

Here you can find some information about our project — storyline details, screenshots, weapons an more... You can also join us — we'll be very glad to receive any help. Just email us — and you are with us.


I want to ask you, people, can we put on Git or anything like it the source code from our H-L mod Red Alert eXpantion? It is a code of client and server libraries. If anyone knows, our mod is full of monsters and weapons (here is an incomplete list). Moreover, mod Red Alert Xpantion invariably noncommercial, but free time for all of us is limited. Because I would like to not just show it, and collaborate. I hope that someone can help to finish some of the current ideas and, of course, realizes his/her own.


12 December 2011

Notice, that HLRA techdemo is released. You can download it here (size about 158 MB).

HL Red Alert eXpantion techdemo

Project news

31 December 2010

Happy New Year, friends!

/author of New Year's tree - mr. Slam/
We wish you self-reliance, mutual understanding, strong nerves and creative mood!

iron rabbits team of HLRA :)

3 July 2010
Screenshots from the map Lenin1 (and !Lenin1). Demoversion maps were renamed with special prefix !. Those who looked screenshots regret that old locations will not be used in the game. So, demoversion maps have been added recently. If you get out to sunset from first two maps now you get to !Lenin1.bsp map and are starting our old brutal demo of HL Red Alert Xpantion.

development of map Lenin1 development of map Lenin1 development of map Lenin1.bsp development of map !Lenin1


4 November 2008
Dzug@ru have released minimod RED MESA for Half-Life 2.

Half-Life Red Alert Xpantion mod: episode The Red Mesa
betaversion [7 Mb]. It needs only original HL2, you needn't have any Episode. Architecture is look like first maps of Red Alert Xpantion mod for Half-Life 1, but there aren't the same:
Half-Life Red Alert Xpantion mod: episode The Red Mesa Half-Life Red Alert Xpantion mod: episode The Red Mesa
You can take brief review of this Source minimod in short video from alfaversion. Quality of it is not really cool because Dzug@ru didn't make a cubemaps in alfa (but you can download beta) and compression of video is too high.


15 July 2008
.fgd file for HLRA has been renewed.
All model entities of HLRA are adequate represented as a models in map editors by this ra.fgd.


22 August 2006
Site has been restored again! I had to remove redirection to where our site was located some time and had good redesign by mr.Slam and Yozhik. All materials from were lost exept information on forum which was restored. But our forum branch with "Developers corner" section was lost too.
Loony's web-page with an articles about "Spirit of Half-Life" mod was lost too. HLRA project has a hard time.

I've made program QC file Editor for compilation models from .smd to .mdl


5 January 2005
New skin for WinAmp in HL Red Alert style. Download it.

WinAmp skin by HL Red Alert Exp. mod team


13 June 2004
Section "Screenshots" has been renovated. City screenshots were appeared there.


19 May 2004
Some new concepts have been added in appropriate section.

03 May 2004
Section "Screenshots" has been fixed. The site are working in full power. We met new friends — project HL: Cleaner's Adventures and HL Fallen Alert.


8 March 2004
A new mapper in our team — mrSlam

1 February 2004
We've got a few new members in our team! Nazgul (mapping) and ObaGlaza (music, story) have joined us.

18 January 2004
An english version of our site is released. Some of pages are unavaliable (eg articles or background) because they are very hard to translate to english :( but most of the site is ok. News archive is also unavaliable.

10 January 2004
Forum on keep on working. And now we have whole branch for project instead of one forum theme! Hurrah, comrades!
(The forum on russian language now)


13 April 2003
We added concepts of new "gun barrels" in "Concept Art" section.

5 April 2003
Att! There are new screenshots of NEW guns! Quickly appreciate them in the "Weapons" section.

Excuse us, that we refresh the site rarely. We've tormented C++ with all our might, have prepared new guns. We'll resume regular site refreshing right away as soos as we finish.

25 March 2003
Oh! At last comrade RooFMaN has made new site!

in site among Narod.Ru in Yandex

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