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So, it is time to tell to you about for the sake of what, actually, and this site and for the sake of what you here have glanced was created.

HLRA is a unhealthy-psychodelic continuation of Half-life which begins soon after the termination of events of original game. So: Gordon Freeman it is recognized abnormal! Still, he assures, that the government of the incorruptible United States of America carries out confidential experiences on teleportation and the control over newcomers. A goon chamber in a clinic is prepared for Freeman. However comrades from far Russia with pleasure call Gordon Freeman to themselves, in one of the major scientific research institutes, mislaid somewhere in Siberia — scientific research institute of Quantum Teleportation of Lenin or Socialism-17.
Gordon Freeman with pleasure agrees — nobody would like to lead the rest of years in a clinic, and in his native country. It is ready to share experience, with pleasure is torn for work in far Siberian institute, on depth of 850 meters under the ground. However, as appeared, the government of Russia has it's own views abous Gordon, and he founds himself in a dirny cold chamber in a russian clinic.
Sitting in the close chamber — the single, Frimen hopes only for one — experiences on teleportation inevitably come to an end accident. And accident does not keep itself waiting...

And what is special about our mod?

We have tried to create the most high quality fashions. The best models, sprites, sounds. Almost 95 % of the textures are custom, the minimal sanction of structures 512 x 512 — for comparison in HL only third is 128 x 128, and almost all-64 x 64.

Technical inf:

1. Number of maps — still unknown. But there will be 9 or 10 episodes with about 3-10 maps. You are to count :)

2. New weapons:
Weapon_crowbar; weapon_9mmhandgun; weapon9mmAR; weapon_shotgun; weapon_gauss; weapon_hornetgun; weapon_RPG; weapon_357; weapon_crossbow; weapon_satchel;

3. New ballistics:- weapon_hornetgun; weapon_rpg; weapon_9mmhandgun;

4. Absolutely new weapons:
Weapon_de — desert eagle
Weapon_silencer — silenced pistol
Weapon_ak; Weapon_akb — russian AK-47 with a knife (secondary attack); АК-74Y
Weapon_lopata — a lopata :) i do not remember this word in english
Weapon_usas; weapon_spas — shotguns. USAS, SPAS-12.
Weapon_svd — Russian Dragunov's sniper rifle.
Weapon_minigun; — a minigun :).
Weapon_akimbo — akimbo UZI's.
Weapon_flamethrower — a flamethrower
Weapon_schrinker — just like in Duke Nukem

5. New monster models:
Scientists (monster_scientist); monster_bulsquid; monster_alien_controller; monster_human_grunt (spforce); monster_barney;

6. Absolutely new monsters:
minigunner/sniper. Barney zombie. Spforce zombie. Barney zombie with a gun!!!. Anvanced zombies. Small bullchickens; Assasins with guns; Otis.

7. Custom textures (size unknown, but estimated to ~100 MB)

8. Russian sounds.

9. Russian fonts and signs textures.

10. Night vision — sample from xxx3.bsp map, new HUD.

What about our demo?

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