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Screenshots from the maps Lenin1 and !Lenin1. There you can download their sources too.

Screenshots from the map Lenin3 by Mig-29 and ObaGlaza

Screenshots from the map !Lenin7sav by Dzug@ru and ObaGlaza

Screenshots from the map xxx2 by Dzug@ru and ObaGlaza

Screenshots from the map xxx3 by Dzug@ru and ObaGlaza

Screenshots from minimod for Half-Life 2 "the Red Meza" by Dzug@ru. There you can download this minimod.

Screenshots from multiplayer map de_meat by Sasha Che@ter

Screenshots from lost map de_meat2 by Flash_ID

Screenshots from lost map de_meat3 by Bot711

Screenshots from independent single-player map X-Abaddon about a walk through the world of Xen by Loony TM. There you can download both map and its source.

Screenshots from an independent multiplayer map Blue Hi-Tech with the scientific and industrial halls and corridors whit the Ф-shaped topology by Yozhik. There you can download the map.

Screenshots from the test map Skylight for angle selection of lighting from the sky (skybox) with a new luminary by ObaGlaza. There you can download the map source.

And there are illustrations of some old experiments:

hatch to underground complex

Test of a new weapon - the rocket launcher URU-54 (XMRL)

Below the long-awaited first group of new gun types (absolutely new added guns)
Puddle of nuclear waste Automatic gun fires on zombie

so wait for the continuation :-)
If someone didn't like the screenshots are too dark, wait for the second pack with the lighter screens. (Just for those screenshots we "render" the map lenin6b.bsp)

new map screenshots here:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Three screenshots from Loony's maps:

And here are some places known probably only Roofman:

Else just two good shots

Below a little more fresh screens (but old too), which were included in the demo:
Break in the wall Pumphouse gear wheels from Half-Life Red Alert Xpantion mod

The poll is now stoped.

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